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McSweeney, M. (2016). Literacies of Bilingual Youth: A profile of bilingual academic, social, and txt literacy. The Graduate Center at CUNY, New York, NY.

McSweeney, M. (submitted). It’s hard, this texting in English! The costs and benefits of texting in a second language. [Handout]

McSweeney, M. (submitted). Lol! I didn’t mean it: Initialisms as pragmatic markers. [Handout]

McSweeney, M. (submitted). I text English to Everyone: How texting in a second language supports academic proficiency.

McSweeney, M. (in preparation). A grammar of Txt. [Handout]

McSweeney, M. (in progress). The Lovers and the Player: Establishing intimacy via Txt [Project Page]

McSweeney, M. (in progress). *Oops! Constructing identity through language form.

McSweeney, M. (in progress). The language-specific nature of pragmatics in texting.

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